The Youth Parliament Program is an initiative by Youth for better India which creates a platform for the Youth to speak up and make an impact on the change agenda for the country. To take on the policymakers and highlight the need for new thinking that will take the country forward. The Youth Parliament will be a debate between the best debaters and policy makers and opinion makers. The platform will inspire the youth to express their views in an organized way. It will also allow for the emergence of bright future leaders.


Youth Parliament is an ideal platform for socially conscious youth to express their “Views, Ideas and to act as a change agent in National building process.


Youth Parliament is an ideal platform for socially conscious youth to voice their “Views & Ideas” & act as a change agent in building the India of our Dreams!!


To Create Awareness and Empower Youth though Youth parliament sessions where Youth can come together, think, discuss and debate on various issues, such as Education and Health, Electoral and Political Reforms, Judicial & Police Reforms, Local Governments & Citizen-centered governance, Governance Reforms, Instruments of Accountability, Public Policy Reforms in India.

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The session will include a discussion on the proposed bill, general opinion & Suggestions from the members and then pass of a resolution with necessary changes. It will surely be an engaging & enriching session & worth your time!! Your presence will surely add value to the program; will be looking forward to the event!!

  • Lay a bridge between youth/like-minded people working for society/who are socially conscious and government by providing a common platform and foster for a healthy discussion on political reforms, parliamentary activities, policy making, education, and employment.
  • Empower youth and thus, capitalize on the opportunity “Demographic dividend” to the fullest.
  • Act as a catalyst in building “leaders for better India”.
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